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Wed. Jan 12, 2000
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Will Social Security Reform Float Wall Street's Boat?
06/20/2000 21:47
Gore and Bush have both come out for private retirement accounts. But don't count on the plans to move stocks.

Stocks to Watch Wednesday: Handspring IPO Priced; Oracle, Alliance Capital
06/20/2000 21:06

With Nasdaq Climbing Again, Small Investors Coming Back, but Slowly
06/20/2000 20:48
The stock craze of '99 isn't likely to be repeated.

Nasdaq 4000's Return Heralds More Tech Gains -- If Conditions Improve
06/20/2000 20:42
Technical analysts like what they've seen in the recovery since May, but breadth and volume remain poor.

Chinadotcom: On the Right Path but Moving Slowly
06/20/2000 20:14
The China market will grow very slowly, but the cash-rich firm might have enough dough to wait it out.

The Secret Is out: Janus Strategic Value's Holdings Revealed!
06/20/2000 19:42
The fund's biggest sector bets include diversified manufacturers and oil companies.

The Night Watch: Oracle Suffers on Disappointing Revenue Report
06/20/2000 19:40
Microsoft edges lower as its case heads to the Supreme Court. Verity soars on its results.

Commerce One Drops on Confirmation of AppNet Buy
06/20/2000 19:25
The companies already reported, then retracted, the purchase Monday.

News Corp. Satellite Branches to Become One Unit
06/20/2000 19:14
Rupert Murdoch's media empire will sell a unit stake to the public by the end of the year.

Oracle Earnings Top Estimates
06/20/2000 19:00
The software giant posts net income of 31 cents a share, up from a year-earlier 18 cents.

Providian Showing Signs Consumer Settlements Will Hurt Earnings
06/20/2000 18:48
The credit-card issuer settles a case centering on its treatment of cardholders.

Intel to Take $200 Million 2Q Charge
06/20/2000 18:31
The charge will cover the cost of replacing defective motherboard chips.

Update: Judge Sends Microsoft Appeal to Supreme Court
06/20/2000 18:05
The judge delays business restrictions pending the appeal.

Nasdaq Hangs in There, Finishes Above 4000 for First Time Since April
06/20/2000 18:00

USA Networks May Prove Vital to Vivendi Universal
06/20/2000 17:58
The new company will rely on USA Networks as the main U.S. distribution arm.

Alliance Capital to Buy Sanford C. Bernstein for $3.5 Billion
06/20/2000 17:56
The combined company will have $475 billion under management.

Options Order-Flow Payments Picking Up
06/20/2000 17:41
As market-share battle continues, floor firms ante up for orders.

Corporate Love and Marriage, the European Way
06/20/2000 16:32
Need for consolidation drives corporate mergers in Europe, but the quality of these unions varies.

Spinoffs Create Tax Headache for HOLDRs Investors
06/20/2000 16:24
Grab some aspirin and we'll walk you through the calculations you need to know.

Industry Group Nixes OpenFund's Push for More Frequent Disclosure
06/20/2000 16:09
The maverick fund vows to take its campaign to individual investors for support.

U.S. Preparing to Block WorldCom-Sprint Deal
06/20/2000 14:48
Sources say the government is preparing an antitrust case.

Time Warner, AOL Will Play to European Union Investigators
06/20/2000 14:20
The EU gets into the merger probe act, but one analyst doesn't envision major obstacles to the union.

(Options) Deal, Interrupted
06/20/2000 14:03
Options market speculation on Qwest and Unisys takes a day off.

Markets Keep Perspective on Earnings Preannouncements
06/19/2000 19:41
But one observer is labeling Monday's stock market rise a 'sucker's rally.'

Accelerated Networks and Handspring Lead the IPO Pack
06/19/2000 18:54
Beware the laggards that have been dragging around for the past few weeks.

A Hand for the Winning Analysts
06/19/2000 16:55
The trader applauds Morgan Stanley's research, and tells you how to use TSC's survey.

Herb's Hotline: More Cyber-silliness
06/19/2000 15:47
Also, more on Optical, Salton, ArthroCare and's new site.

Blodgeting Again: Star Merrill Analyst Has Market-Tested Strategy for Dot-Com Investing
06/19/2000 15:30
Few consumer Net stocks will survive; the winners will need cash, a solid position and smart management.

How Not to Merge
06/19/2000 15:17
The AppNet-Commerce One mess is an object lesson irresponsible dealmaking.

No Mouth Monday
06/19/2000 14:59
Check this space tomorrow.

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