Sat, Mar 31, 2001 EST
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Motorola Cuts 4,000 More Jobs
Associated Press
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SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Motorola Inc. on Friday announced it is cutting 4,000 more jobs, bringing the total eliminated companywide since December to 22,000.

The latest cuts are in Motorola's networks sector, which provides broadband and wireless communications products and systems.

"Motorola is making tough but deliberate and strategic business decisions in order to remain competitive in the slowing economy," Edward D. Breen, president of Motorola's Networks Sector, said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, reductions have been necessary for us to improve financial performance, and this is something that we will have to continually evaluate as we monitor market and economic conditions," Breen said.

The cuts will come within three businesses in Motorola's Networks Sector: the Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions Sector; the Global Telecommunications Solutions Sector; and the Broadband Communications Sector.

The latest job cuts, which will leave Motorola with about 125,000 employees worldwide, will either be completed or communicated to affected employees by the end of the second quarter, the company said.

Last week, Schaumburg-based Motorola slashed 7,000 jobs from its cellular phone division.

Motorola had 147,000 employees when the company, intent on cutting costs as its sales and profits started to fall, began handing out pink slips in December.

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