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Wed, Jun 7, 2000
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Gazprom, Gasunie Mull Joint Spot Gas Sales to U.K.
MOSCOW — Russian gas monopoly Gazprom plans to develop further cooperation with Dutch gas company Gasunie and the two may sell spot gas jointly in the U.K., Gazprom director Yuri Komarov told journalists late on Monday.

"One aspect of cooperation with Gasunie we are examining is joint activities on the British market," Komarov said.

He pointed out that after Gazprom completes construction of the first phase of the Yamal-Europe pipeline this year, there will be a new direct link for Russian gas to Britain through Germany, Belgium and the Anglo-Belgian Interconnector pipeline.

The Yamal-Europe line is a huge project to link fields in remote northern Siberia with Europe. The first phase will run from Germany through Poland and Belarus to European Russia.

"We have capacity in the Interconnector, we're finishing Yamal-Europe and soon we'll have a physical link with Britain," Komarov said.

"In its turn, Gasunie has great flexibility through its storage facilities, which will allow it to use our summer deliveries to supply gas at peak demand periods to Britain."

He added that Gazprom may also try to sell spot gas on its own in Britain this year.

Gazprom and Gasunie have already signed an agreement under which Gazprom will supply four billion cubic meters per year to the Netherlands starting in 2001.

Gasunie is 50 percent owned by the Dutch state, and Royal Dutch/Shell and Esso each own 25 percent.

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