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Oracle Denies Courting Clinton
Associated Press
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REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. — Oracle Corp. sought Thursday to put to rest speculation that the software giant is recruiting Bill Clinton to join its board of directors.

"There are no discussions with Clinton," Oracle spokeswoman Jennifer Glass said, adding that she didn't know whether there would be future talks.

The possibility of Clinton filling a vacant seat on the software giant's board has been rumored at the company's Redwood Shores headquarters since before the former president left office Jan. 20.

Oracle's November hiring of Clinton's former press spokesman, Joe Lockhart, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's open admiration of the former president fueled the speculation.

As reported by The Associated Press on Wednesday, the buzz intensified this week when Oracle revealed that Clinton had been hired as the keynote speaker at a company convention in New Orleans on Feb. 19.

"All that's happened with Oracle is that Oracle asked the president to come and speak and the president agreed to do so," Clinton spokeswoman Julia Payne said.

Clinton's fee for the speech hasn't been disclosed.

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