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Tue, Jun 20, 2000
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Other Online Auction Sites
By Gary Gentile  Fox Market Wire
Here are a few of the many online auction sites that are hoping to build on eBay's success. Fox Market Wire does not endorse the content of exterior sites.


Offers BidSafe, a voluntary program designed for more secure online transactions. Also awards "Bid Bucks," a kind of cash-back program for frequent buyers. It is owned by a group of large newspaper publishers and provides branded versions of its service to various newspapers and television stations around the country.


Sells items three ways, including the more traditional classified listing model. Will act as intermediary for auctions and offers the opportunity to transact business in different currencies.


One of many "niche" auction sites, devoted to America's love affair with the car. Everything here from Volkswagen Beetle press kits to Bentleys selling for $500,000 and up. Many items are sold in a classified ad format rather than a true auction.


A major player in online auctions, it also recently began offering computer equipment at cost. OnSale sells and auctions at its own site and also runs the person-to-person auctions for Yahoo!


Offers flights, cruises and packaged tours to the highest bidders. Differs from Priceline.com, which reserves the right to reject bids that are too low.


The company that brought you the opportunity to bid live on OJ Simpson's possessions, including his Heisman Trophy. LiveBid deals primarily with high-end items and established auction houses, such as San Francisco's Butterfield & Butterfield and deals only with live auctions run by licensed auctioneers.


A unique twist on the online auction model. Instead of you bidding on items, mortgage lenders bid to win your business.


Specializing in selling discontinued sporting equipment. Instead of Nike selling its old models to Kmart, it sells them to the highest bidder. Most items come with manufacturers warranty and a 30-day guarantee from Sportingauction.


Greg Manning Auctions, a leading stamp auction house, now offers its diamonds, sports collectibles, stamps and other high-end items through Teletrade.com, which it bought last year.


You can get factory overruns, discontinued and refurbished merchandise here, everything from computers to exercise bikes.


Offers unsold banner advertising on Web sites such as Yahoo! to media buyers. The site plans to auction off newspaper and radio advertising space later this year.


Copart helps insurance companies dispose of damaged vehicles by auctioning them to dismantlers, rebuilders and used car dealers. The company now allows customers, including qualified individuals, to bid online for these "cream puffs."


This site allows marine equipment retailers to place open orders that are then bid on by distributors and dealers in close-out merchandise. The company plans to open a similar site for medical and dental equipment later this year.


Specializes in selling large quantities of surplus goods from manufacturers and retailers to other businesses.

Other Sites

A site where people can air gripes and concerns about online auction sites and commiserate with fellow auction addicts.


This is an auction search engine. It allows you to track auctions on multiple sites and notifies you by e-mail when an item you are looking for is up for bid. It also allows you to see the prices items are fetching online so you can placed informed bids.

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