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New York Times Strikes Content Deal With Yahoo!
Associated Press
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NEW YORK — The New York Times Co.'s digital unit said Tuesday that it has agreed to provide content to Yahoo! News to broaden its readership.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

New York Times Digital said in a statement it will provide select articles from the national, politics, business, international, technology and arts sections of NYTimes.com, newyorktoday.com and Boston.com.

"We are committed to making the best content available to consumers and this agreement enables our readers to access articles from one of the world's most well-respected news organizations," said Matt Rightmire, vice president and general manager, of Yahoo Media.

Yahoo, based in Santa Clara, Calif., had 2000 revenue of $1.11 billion. New York Times had 2000 revenue of $3.49 billion.

"We look forward to expanding our reach through this additional distribution channel and to providing Yahoo users with a new entrypoint to our sites and our high-quality content," said Catherine Levene, vice president of strategy and business development for New York Times Digital.

The New York Times Co. announced last month it was slashing 17 percent of the digital unit's work force in the hopes of meeting its financial goals by the end of 2002.

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