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Microsoft Chooses New Product Names
   Associated Press
REDMOND, Wash. — Microsoft Corp. announced new names Monday for the next versions of the software maker's biggest products, Windows XP and Office XP.

Until now, the desktop operating system had been code-named Whistler and the applications suite was known as Office 10. XP stands for experience.

"These breakthrough versions of Windows and Office will give people the most powerful end-to-end computing experiences ever available," said Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect.

Gates said both products would be linked closer to the Internet through the Microsoft.NET strategy.

"The .NET platform uses XML to expand the platform from a single PC to include other PCs, servers, smart devices and Web services," Gates said. "Now, instead of having individual applications on each device, users will get a rich experience that spans all their devices. This evolution from applications to experiences starts with Windows XP and Office XP."

Windows XP will include the capacity for real-time voice, video and application sharing, greater mobility, and Office XP is designed as "an information hub that will enable people to harness information from multiple locations," a Microsoft news release said.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Windows XP is the first operating system for businesses and consumers that uses the software code found in Windows NT and Windows 2000, rather than an earlier and less stable code structure.

Both are currently in beta testing. More details on the new program features will be announced Feb. 13, Office XP is scheduled for release late in the first half of this year and Windows XP is scheduled for general release in the second half the year.

The Journal reported that on Feb. 13, Windows XP will be featured in a media event at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, a rock 'n roll, blues and jazz museum built by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

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