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Sun, Mar 04, 2001 EST
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Case, Levin Profiles

Gerald Levin, Time- Warner's chairman and chief executive

Gerald M. Levin
1939: Born
1960: Graduates Phi Beta Kappa from Haverford College
1963: Receives law degree from University of Pennsylvania Law School
1963 - 1967: Attorney with the New York City firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
1972: Started at Time, Inc. in 1972 when Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) the company's pay-cable subsidiary, was in its developmental phase, and served as HBO's vice president of programming
1973: Named HBO president and chief executive officer
1975: Makes the decision to distribute HBO via satellite, helping to launch the cable industry
1976: Promoted to chairman
1984: Becomes Time Inc.'s chief strategist when he's named executive vice president
1988: Elected vice chairman
1990: Time Inc. merges with Warner Communications Inc; Levin became chief operating officer and vice chairman of the new company
1992: Named CEO of Time Warner
2000: AOL merges with Time Warner

Steve Case, chairman and chief executive of America Online

Stephen M. Case
1958: Born in Honolulu, Hawaii
1977: Attends Williams College in Massachusetts, majors in political science
1980: Marketing for Proctor & Gamble
1983: Case hired by Control Video Corp., a start up delivering Atari video games to PCs
1985: Control Video renamed Quantum Computer Services, an early ISP for Commodore 64 computers. Case makes similar deals with Apple, Tandy and IBM
1991: Quantum became America Online; 156,549 members and Case is named president and CEO
1992: Initial public offering raises $66 million
1993: Case refuses acquisition attempts by Microsoft and Bill Gates. AOL earns $4.2 million on $40 million in revenues
1995: Joint venture with German media conglomerate for international expansion
1996: AOL becomes undisputed leader in online services. Makes deal with Microsoft to mutually include the other's software in customer offerings
1997: AOL purchases former competitor CompuServe. Launches online services in Japan
1998: AOL has more than 6,000 employees and more than 11 million members. Projected profit of $110 million on $1.4 billion in revenues
2000: AOL merges with Time Warner

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